Movies in the park reserves full rights and will not be held liable for the following.

We will no be held responsible for any loss of belongings, tickets, cellphones or personal items.
In the event of rain. We undertake to make a desicion on how poor the conditions may be.
Therefore it is up to the event organizers to make a desicion on wether to postone or continue with the event.
In the case of postonement to the following week, guests will be allowed full refunds the following day of the original event date.
All children over the age of 13 are to be guided by parental supervision at all times.
We will not be held liable for missing or hurt children. All parents of teenagers under the age of 18, grant them full permission
to enter the premisis. We have 0 tolerance to underage drinking, and will not be held liable should a minor abuse alcohol intake
before the event. ID will be requested at the gate if need be.